Sunday, September 11, 2011

Look What My Wonderful Hubby Built For Me!!!

My husband built me this Copic marker storage box.  It will hold 288 markers.  There are three clear marker storage boxes inside.  I just ordered a fourth.  That way I have room to expand if I want.  It's going to make it so easy to see all the marker numbers now.   He offered to stain it.  I'm debating if I want it stained or not.  The box is designed to use two ways.  the markers can be displayed at a 60 degree (shown) or a 30 degree angle depending how you position the box.   Now all I need to do is get some alcohol and clean my markers.  I tend to be a tad messy with them.  He definitely earned some points with this!!!


Sherri said...

This man is a KEEPER!! What a wonderful box! He has definitely earned a huge gold star for this one!

Jo Austin said...

Ooooh I love it... what a fab idea!!Well done Mr Diane!

Debs M said...

what a guy!

inkydoodlecrafts said...

That is seriously cool Diane, I imagine he's earned huge points for it :o)

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