Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Car is Out of Commission...Hopefully, Only Temporarily

It's funny what can give you inspiration for a card.  My car started having a major problem on Saturday...it stalls every time I put it in reverse.  I am not happy.  I took it in to the shop yesterday.  It may be the transmission.  I'm hoping not!  I should find out the damages this afternoon.  In the mean time I get to drive the "paperweight" in the garage.  Let me explain that one.  We bought a new car, a very nice one, four years ago.  My husband feels that it is our "good car."  He doesn't like us to drive it unnecessarily.  Drives me crazy!  We have less than ten thousand miles on it in four years. Oh well, until my car is fixed it's fair game. 

Anyway, I found this image, quite by accident yesterday, at Di's Digi Downloads.  I couldn't resist.

Copics:  B00,B01, B02, B23, B24, C3, C5, C7, E31, E343, E34, E37, E50, E51, E53, E57, G21, G24, N1, N3, R21, R24, R27, R37, W0. W1, Y00, Y02, Y08, YR12, YR16


Shan said...

Your card is super cute and your post has me cracking up with the new car being fair game til your other one is fixed. My grandfather was the same way. I hope your car wont be too terribly expensive to fix and that it isnt anything major. Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for the wonderful morning chuckle.


Val said...

Hi Diane

Oh - I know exactly what you mean - I used to have a lovely Alfa Romeo Spider soft top, and the only use it got was me going to work in in, we could not put the miles on it for long journeys!

Hope you get your car repaired soon.

Fun can.


Jennifer Scull said...

your card gives me the giggles! not because of the repairs, of course, but I don't know of anyone who smiles like that while working on one. ;) such a fun project! hope your car is running again soon!

Sherri said...

This is so cute! I love the added wrench which just sets the whole theme! This is a great guy card! I think we all sympathize with your car woes. We have all been there!

Pretty Paper Junkie said...

OMG! Diane are you married to my husband? And how does he make it back and forth from IA to AZ so quick? Anyway I really love that card. It's so colorful. I hope it doesn't cost too much to make your car backup.

Tracey said...

Wonderful card Diane, I love Di's images :)

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about your car troubles, but on the bright side, your blog is amazing! I saw you on My Sheri Crafts & Birthday Sundaes, decided to take a peek.... I am a new follower! :)


Flavia Casumpang said...

Good thing your car was fixed appropriately. You should do some personal checks of your car regularly. That way, you can detect any problem early on and employ the appropriate repairs.

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