Saturday, December 28, 2019

Thin Blue Line Quilt for Gabriel

This is the quilt I made for my son-in-law Gabriel.  He recently has left the police force to work in another field.  I had been working on it forever.  Doing the star-field greatly intimidated me.  I finally finished it ten o'clock on Christmas Eve.  Most quilts I have seen use a fabric pre-printed with stars.  I decided to sew each individual star on.  My husband, Tom, designed the quilt and made a perfect star-field layout for me to trace so each star would have a perfect placement.  We plan on working on quilts together after his retirement.  He will do the designing and I will do the sewing.

This is the tag on the back. 
It was ordered from Etsy.


Christine Alexander said...

Beautiful Diane, he looks like he loved the quilt :)

Mrs A. said...

Absolutely brilliant design. A real keepsake. I have yet to finish any of the quilts that I started oh so many years ago. I look forward to seeing you next one . Hugs Mrs A.

Monica C. said...

This is just so stunning! I love that you are planning on doing these together and look forward to seeing some more that you make.
Hugs Monica

Pat K said...

What a fabulous work of art to be treasured Diane. You and your hubby are very talented. Pat K xx

Lucille K said...

What a wonderful gift for you son-in-law, beautiful work :)

CaroleAnn said...

This is amazing!!! Wonderful precise sewing by you and to be together with your hubby is just a blessing in itself!!! Look forward to what you both create together for the new year! Stay well, many blessings always, XXOO

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