Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bean Bag Chair for Lucas, Finally !

I bought the fabric for this chair at least nine months ago.  It's looks very shiny in the photo.  It is actually a faux suede.  I planned on making it on Christmas break...didn't.  Then I planned on Spring break, didn't again.    So I figured with six weeks off for summer break I'd have lots of time.  Ha!  I now have four days left, but I started the chair last night and finished it this morning.  I had to make sure I did it this time.  Tom bet me I wouldn't be able to get it done.  I didn't want to lose the bet!  I had to laugh.  He kept telling me Lucas wants his beanbag chair!  Lucas is only 22 months old.  He doesn't know what a beanbag chair is.  Well he has one now.  Fortunately, I have lots of peanuts left for refills.


Sherri said...

WOW!! I can't believe you actually made a chair! I am SO impressed!! I have to add "stitching" to one of my cards & am wondering how I will do THAT! ha ha Bet he will love it & it will be his favorite chair! And if he has pets, they will probably steal it from him. My daughter has a kid sized beanbag chair JUST for her cat!

Julie B said...

Well done Diane. I bought some fabric for my Grandson's bean bag chair 2 years ago and it's still in the box!!!! You shame me. I was planning on a giant patchwork one but my machine smells awful when I use it so think it's on the way out. Perhaps I can drag hubby to the shops to get a new one with more space under the arm. :)

StampNScrapJunkie said...

Wow! Diane, I am so impressed! Lucky Lucas! xx

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