Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My First Christmas Cards for 2019

I decided this year to make my cards ahead of time  Last Christmas I had a last minute rush to get cards done and finally resorted to sending some store bought ones.  This year I ant to be done well ahead of time!  I have honestly forgotten how to do so many things that used to be so easy.  Die cutting really sent me for a loop.  I'm working on it.  I had to  go though my stash also.  I didn't remember what I had.



Sherri said...

These are delightful! I've started doing the same thing. It's just too hectic at Christmas to add cards to the list of things to do! Love all of these and I actually have 2 of the same stamps although I like your cards better than the ones I've done with them.

jimlynn said...

It doesn't look like you've forgotten a single thing! They're all over the top fabulous!!! Love the idea of starting early too. Christmas always seems to get here too quick so it'll be nice to have them all done.

Pat K said...

These are gorgeous Diane. Lovely images coloured so beautifully. Pat

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