Under the Sea

This was my project last night.  I am not happy with it.  I thought I would post it anyways because my blog is my journey.  It shows my successes and my failures.  I need to look at this one for a while to see if my impression of it will change.  I don't like the embellishments.  I had wanted the long strands of sea grass, but couldn't find them for the Silhouette so I went with this sea weed.  I don't care for it at all, but hey, once you glue it down, there it stays.  I also am not fond of the coloring.  I used Prismacolor pencils.  Can you tell what my mood is today?  I have been in lots of pain, sorry for complaining.  It has not been a pleasant few days.  This image is by Dawn Davidson Art on Etsy.

Update:  Funny, as my spine gets to feel a little better I don't dislike the card as much.  I  figured that would happen.  I was just in an awful mood the day I posted it!


  1. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well Diane. and this is a lovely card...I like the sea grass and beautiful image. Hope you feel better soon. x

  2. You poor sweetheart! I so wish I could take your pain away, because I know pain too and it's relentless. It grates on us and controls us. The only power we have is not letting it and boy is that tough! Ok, as soon as I read you were not happy with this, I clicked on it to look at it with my fine tooth eye lol and nada! Perfecto! Then I continued reading and I just don't see it, the embellies are gorgeous and accent things well. It's a mesmerizing piece with that endearing face. I am including you in my prayers to get some relief and you do same for me, ok? Hugs, XOX

  3. I like this card...cute image and I think your coloring is wonderful! Hope you are feeling much better!

  4. Your card is absolutely gorgeous so is the image and beautifully coloured -I love the embellishments.Good to see you are feeling better and funnily enough I can relate to your post today -I made a DT card with an image I didn't like couldn't get a decent pic with light-must have took about 20 finally remembered my daylight light---out of charge and as I turned stubbed my toesaid oops(or words to that effect lol) card was destined to bin never to be seen again-walked past it an hour ago and thought actually doesn't look too bad???
    Carol x

  5. Hi, my friend, we can be very critical of our own art work at times. But being in pain and when it gets us down will affect every aspect of our life. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better and just so you know I think this image and how you colored it and designed it is absolutely amazing! Love it and all the glorious colors you used. Big hugs and prayers going out to you!! XXOO


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