My New Workspace

 Recently, I decided to do away with our living room.  We have a very large family room and I no longer saw a need for two rooms since our kids are all gone. Somehow, I managed to talk my husband  into turning it into a craft room for me.  I was really tired of having my dining room table covered.  We were never able to use it when we had company without a major cleanup project.  I donated our living room furniture, which is the one thing my husband was not crazy about.  I had seen several versions of this type of craft area on Pinterest.  We bought four bookshelves at Walmart for 17.97 each and two doors from Home Depot for
 23.50 apiece.   The plastic drawers I already owned.  They were also purchased at Walmart.  A three drawer section is 12.97.

One major problem we ran into was the size of the doors.  I assumed they were 84"  long.  Four rows of drawers should have fit underneath perfectly.  Unfortunately, the doors were 80" so I had to reconfigure the drawer placement.  There are two rows of side facing drawers under the desk behind the forward facing ones.  The large drawers in the center roll out so the inside drawers are accessible.  Behind the curtain under the desk there are two bookshelves and lots of floorspace for storage. Under the desk (in front of the chair) is another tower of drawers with all my punches, tapes, and misc. tools.  The top is thirty inches deep so there is lots of room to work.

The other side of the room has my computer desk with my Cricuit and a treadmill.

Now it's time to get busy crafting again.

Thanks, Sweetheart!

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