Attempt at a Brunette

 I had the most difficult time with this card.  I feel like I have blonde down.  I thought it's about time to do a different hair color.  I just could not find the right combo of pencils to do the highlights correctly.  It ended up just looking brown.  I took a very fine point eraser and erased some of the pencil in streaks and added in a tan.  I'm not happy with it, but it looks much better than it did originally.  I also tried a little different shading on the skin.  I'm not happy with that either.  I used two different pencil brands.  I use mineral spirits to blend my pencil.  Prismacolor blends well with that Polychromos does not, apparently.  I read somewhere that they should be blended with baby oil.  It may not be as visible in the photograph, but I feel the skin ended up blotchy.  I'll just have to keep practicing.  I'll have to pull out some of my pencil lessons.  I bought a lot of them, but haven't used any yet.  It's probably about time I did.



  1. Gorgeous image and love the beautiful die-cut frames-I have trouble with hair and skin too which often ends up looking grey??? not sure if it is the paper or not tbh
    Carol x

  2. Hair is not my forte :) I think she has great highlights. such a pretty frame.
    So glad you like the ornament and encouraged you to buy one. It was so easy to make the cards. Thanks for such nice comments on my blog.
    Hugs Christine

  3. This is just Lovely, and so nicely colored!


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