Finally Back in Quilting Mode

 I actually completed two quilts this week.  I can finally say I'm back in quilting mode.  The above quilt was made for my bio mom.  I originally made this as a different quilt and hated how it looked.  I ripped it all apart, cut it up, and put it back together in a different format.  Still not a quilt I would want for myself, but I think she will like it.

This quilt was a kit started by my daughter several years ago.  She decided not to finish it after piecing the top.  When I retired she gave it to me in case I wanted to complete it.  It's been two years, but I finally took it out and finished it.    Getting productive again!

Now on to gift quilts for Christmas.


  1. Both of these are gorgeous! Glad you got your quilting mojo back!!

  2. Both beautiful quilts-can't believe the patience it must have taken to rip something apaert you have made then put it all back together a different way --wow--love the colours and materials used on the 2nd one.
    Carol x

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