Another Card Laden Post


I have been in a major card making mood lately, but I don't necessarily want to enter a lot of challenges.  I am just enjoying the creative process.  This blog is a history of my card making so I like to post them anyways.  This image is from Whimsy Stamps.  I actually used a real stamp.  I asked my husband if I could use this card for a male.  His answer was "Are you serious, no!"  So I guess I will be sending it to a female.  I had thought it would have been okay.  This image is colored with Copics.

My next card is an image from Mariola Budek on Etsy.  It is colored with Copic markers.  The papers are finally some new ones that I bought from Stampin' Up.  I think I actually have enough cards for this year, but since I'm having fun, I figured what the heck.

My final card today...maybe, is an image from Mariola Budek, again.  I fell in love with this image when I fist saw it.  Her face is just so precious


She is colored with Copic markers.  I had a little problem with the bee.  I got the yellow marker outside the lines of the bee.  I tried to correct it and that did not go well, the yellow ran.  I had to end up trying to fix it.  I added some light blue green around the bee.  If I hadn't colored the main image first I just would have tossed it.


  1. Beautiful selection of cards -love the Unicorn and cute image on the last one and the colouring round the Bee looks fine to me
    Carol x

  2. Would not have known the problem existed with your bee. The whole card is delightful. Love your jolly Father Christmas too. I am way behind on my cards. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. All your cards are lovely! And as always, great coloring. I wouldn't have noticed anything with the bee either...still don't. Looks exactlylike you intended to add the green from the beginning.

  4. Hello, my lovely Diane! I hope you know how wonderful it always is to read your comments on my art and I am intensifying my efforts to respond in kind, but I think you will always have me beat since you so graciously leave double on Outlawz! I always think, I bet she is so tired of that! hahaha Anyway, on to you and your burst of cardmaking brilliance! I could look at your cards all day long, each one so perfectly made and detailed. My heart skips a beat when you use an image or stamp that I have, but I also love seeing stuff new to me. These are the cutest images and I love bunny and bee - looks like a painting. I know you know you went outside the lines but I never would have know - awesome save! And Santa's face coloring - perfection! I'm thinking you can make some Christmas cards for me if you are finished with yours, lol. The unicorn is stunning in all that glitter, but I'm with your hubby...and I'll be really crass and blunt here for humor's sake, we are all adults here -- I once asked my hubby about unicorns being liked by men, he was like, NO! We see a penis coming out of a horses head - not natural! Hahahaha Really? Hmmm, that cured me of ever again thinking unicorns are for guys, at least our generation of guys, anyway! Hope that gave you a PG giggle! Have a great day, XOXOXOX

  5. Diane, wonderful selection of cards. Your Unicorn card is a stunner, I think I would send it to a man (probably my hubby) love the blues and greys.
    I am always in awe of your colouring. I don't own Copic, I do have a few Touch pens but don't use them as much as I should.


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