Santa Lane

These two cards were made with this year's Christmas box set from Spellbinder's called Santa Lane.  I love the images, but these were the two most difficult cards I have ever made.  Between clumsy fingers, losing pieces and a multitude of other problems.these took me a week to complete. I am happy with the finished cards.  I do wish I had put some sort of background on them.
 Needing to use my vast collection of card stock scraps led to a two day job.  I have a huge hanging file basket full of twelve years of card stock scraps sorted by color.  It was just about impossible to pull anything out of it or put anything in.  I decided to staple a file width pocket at the inside top of each file folder.  I put the small pieces of card stock in that pocket which freed up a huge amount of space at the bottom of the folders.  I can now easily pull the files in and out.  I plan on trying to use up all the small pieces first.  These cards were made completely out of small scraps of card stock.After all the troubles I had I am going to start their 2021 Christmas set called.  All Aboard.  I will be making to train cards.  I think they will be easier than these were.  I'm a glutton for punishment.






  1. They may have taken a while to complete but I'm glad you finished them because they're super cute and pretty at the same time. Great cards for the holidays.

  2. Wonderful Christmas card. I can understand where this card would take some time. When I use my small dies I often lose the pieces. This card looks just right without a background and you can focus on the lovely pieces you created!

  3. gorgeous Christmas card, but I see what you mean with the little pieces :) Well worth the time and work ♥

  4. Fabulous Christmas card. Love the images and I understand all the little pieces are a challenge. Well done. I Look forward to seeing the "All Aboard" creations. xx


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