Santa Kitty and his Reindeer


I could not photograph this card well to save my life.  With it being a longer card I seemed to get either one side or the other darker.  Whatever.  I give up!  Anyways, this is for the Outlawz Monday Greetings Challenge.  The sponsor this wee is Knitty Kitty.  I had bought a set of four images.  This uses three of them.  I drew lines with a marker to conncet the sleigh with the reindeer.  The image is colored with Prismacolor pencils.  The paper is from Stampin' Up.


  1. photographing the slimline cards is definitely a challenge. Beautiful card and love your little Santa Kitty :)

  2. Beautiful card and love how you connected all the cute images to make one complete one
    Carol x

  3. Girl, I hear you! It never fails for me, I think I have a great shot and there's a shadow in the corner or something. Exactly why I run a preset filter on all my blog photos. I can't help you with one though, as my old neighbor installed it in my PSE for me. If that dies, I'm in trouble, LOL. It's a real cute card though even if it has a little bit of shadow on the end. Hope your family life settles down real soon. My cousin I'm close with, she and her hubby called today, they've had to take in my other cousin because he let a friend take his debit card to get beer and never saw him again. Bank account wiped out and he's homeless. I swear, if people can mess a good thing up, they sure will. And it's usually men too! TTYL, XOX

  4. I love your slimline card! I haven't made any of those yet to try and photograph, but I do see how it can be a challenge!
    You are a pro with those pencils!! Beautiful coloring and I love the bottom layered paper!


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