Angel and Baby

 This card is a remake from October 2014.  My mother was recently put in a nursing home in New Jersey.  She had saved all the cards I had made her over the years.  My mother and I are not close at all.  I was abandoned around the age of one.  I saw her few times prior to becoming an adult.  I went through many foster homes during my early life.  Anyways as an adult I reconnected with her.  Needless to say it has not been easy.  Anyways, she gave my cousin the box of cards and asked him to send them to me.  There is probably between thirty to forty cards.  She then called me and asked me to reuse the cards so that someone else can enjoy them.  At first, I didn't want to do that.  After some thought, I decided to remake the cards using the original fronts that were usable.  I will send them to family members with a small note explaining where the card came from and why.  So this is the first that I had to patch up.  The edges were a little rough so I trimmed them down.  I also cut the front off the card and made a new card base.  The image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and I believe it is colored with Copics.  I think I will send this one to her sister.



  1. This card is lovely...
    I wanted to let you know that I sent you an email...

  2. So sorry to read about your troubled upbringing but your cards must have meant a great deal to your Mother to keep them all and no wonder this one is beautiful.I had only just got interested in making cards the year before my Mam died and we didn't have much money-I found she had kept the one I made her and tbh it was terrible but made with love
    Carol x


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