Cleaned My Craft Area...Finally!



I made this to decorate my craft desk.  Boy, does this speak volumes!  The image is from Bugaboo.  I used to have a mug with that sentiment when I was working.  On the side of the mug that faced me it said the complete sentiment.  On the other side there were asterisks instead of the obvious naughty word.  Since I worked in a school.  I could not have that on my desk.

 After all the kids moved out we no longer needed a living room and a family room so the living room became my craft room.  My husband built me a huge craft desk many years ago. Since then I have added quite a few additional hobbies and mountains of supplies. My desk has been a disaster for years.  I finally couldn't stand it anymore and had to reorganize it.  I bought a cart that sits next to my desk to hold all the little junk and things that I use daily that were formerly on my desktop.  The desk is actually supported by four bookcases and has eighteen drawers for paper storage and eighteen drawers for miscellaneous supplies like ribbons, pearls,etc.  There are nine drawers for pastels, paints, tapes, glue dots, and tons of other supplies.  Needless to say I should probably get rid of half of it, but I guess I'm a hoarder.  I think I may try to get rid of a few things each week that I know I will never use again.  I also keep all my quilting rulers on this desk.  The rest of my quilting supplies are on the other side of the room.  That's another mess to tackle someday.  Part of the underneath of the desk is curtained off to hide all the other junk that I prefer people don't see.

I actually have a three foot by two foot work area now!  There was almost no room before.  Alexa (dressed in red) keeps me company while I work.  It's so nice.  She can either play music for me or read my latest Audible book. 

Tom built me my Copic marker storage.  I never did get around to painting it.  Just today he built me a special rack to hold my ever growing supply of washi tape rolls.

The desk is in desperate need of a new paint job.  Someday soon. I keep all my quilting rulers and Silhouette mats here, but the Silhouette has been moved to the other side the room where it is closer to my desktop computer.  My laptop couldn't seem to handle the Silhouette program very well.

This is definitely a case of hobbies that have gotten out of control.  The room also includes my desk and treadmill.  Unfortunately, the treadmill is used less that anything else in the room.  Oh, and I almost forgot, it also has my piano.  The kids know this as Grandma's playroom.  Oh, it's not just me, Grandpa also has a playroom.  His is called the guitar room. 


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  1. Fun card Diane..made me chuckle. Love your craft many well loved items. xx


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