Dirty-Faced Girl


I ran out of Copic ink for one of the pictures I was working on so I decided to do an all pencil one while I was waiting for the ink to arrive.  The pencil only are quite difficult.  I feel like the face looks dirty after I finished it.  I tried to correct it, but finally decided to leave it alone or risk destroying it.  I figured I would focus more on the flowers.  Boy do they take time.  I spent two hours coloring the one on the left.  I watched a video about coloring and blending pencils.  It said to put on four to five layers of color.  I have not been doing that at all.    I also used a Derwent blending pencil for the blending.  It works fairly well, but takes a lot of effort.  I did this with a combination of Prismacolor and Polychromos.  I definitely like the Polychromos better, but the set size is only half that of the Prismacolors.  I am really tempted to buy one more pencil set with Uncle Sam's donation to my crafting fund.  We'll see.  Time to rest.  I got my second Covid shot on Friday and had a fever and chills all day yesterday along with sleeping most of the time.  Today I woke up without a fever, luckily.


  1. Congratulations Diane on having your second covid shot :)
    Love your pencil colouring, it was worth all the effort.
    I think the combination of pencils and copics probably make colouring much faster.

  2. The flowers looks stunning Diane...worth all the time spent. Great to hear you have had your 2nd shot and the symptoms were only for a day. I'm hoping for May for my 1st shot. We are way behind here. xx

  3. Wow, your coloring skills are just awesome, the flowers and little girl are stunning. I have my second shot scheduled for this week, not really looking forward to it since most of the side effects seem to be associated with the second dose.

    Hugs diane

  4. Good to hear you have had second vaccine but not looking forward to our second one if there is more side effects!I love the cute image and fabulous colouring.I am rubbish with pencils no patience
    Carol x

  5. I think she is lovely! That flower is stunning. Pencil coloring is definitely a relaxing and patience teaching process :-)
    Hugs Monica

  6. Gorgeous coloring! Buy all the Polys - blick.com probably has the best price with a coupon at top of their homepage. So hoping you don't have side effects any longer. It's blowing my mind how the vaccine affects everyone differently...everyone. And I read they just did a comprehensive national poll of healthcare workers and 12% are still no to getting one. That's strange, isn't it? xoxo


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