Beautiful Girl


This is another image from my coloring book set by Emannuelle Colin.  I just found out they printed a fifth coloring book and yes, I ordered it!  I colored this image with my latest gift from Uncle Sam.  I bought a set of Caran de Ache Luminance pencils.  This is the last set I am buying...ever in my life.  Three of my four pencil sets have replaceable pencils so they will last forever.  I used the new pencils,  odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump to color this.  I am surprised by how smooth the color appears.  I still need to work on skin of color.  This is my best attempt so far.  I would still like it to be just a tad darker.  I'll figure it out.  Time to You Tube it.  The more I look at this I feel like I want to add some darker areas to the face to shape it more.  Project for another day!  I hope I don't destroy it.


  1. I love these beautiful images and your colouring is amazing
    Carol x

  2. You've created another wonderful card!
    It sounds like you have a lot going on right now...Hoping everything goes well for you and your family...

  3. OMG just leave it alone, it's awesome! Your work on the hair is stunning. So, these new Luminance pencils, how do they compare with the Polychromos pencils? I thought they were the best? Never mind, apparently, they are the two best brands for different techniques, according to youtube reviews. Now you have the best, no matter what! xoxo

  4. wow Diane, your colouring is amazing, the skin tone and hair colouring is awesome♥

  5. Great job! I am glad you like your new pencils.
    Hugs Monica

  6. Just stunning you are such an artist with coloring.

    Hugs diane

  7. Oh my, this is stunning Diane. To me the colouring is perfect I especially like her hair. All your girls are worthy of framing I'm thinking. xx


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