Thursday, June 16, 2011

For My Husband

This is a card I made for my husband for Father's Day.  He's been a wonderful husband.  In fact, we had our 35th wedding anniversary last month.  

I had a difficult time with this card as well as all my cards lately.  I don't know what is happening to the creative process, but I feel like my mojo has got up and left.  I know I have felt like this before and got over it.  I was really hoping that being off for the summer and having so much time for myself would be great, instead I feel like I can't do anything right when it comes to the creative process.  Nothing is coming out as I planned. 

Maybe, I need that rush, rush, get it done now.  Seems I work better under pressure.

Anyway, this card was done with a stamp I just purchased on Ebay.  It's by Stampa Rosa.  It's quite a large stamp.  Most of the eagle stamps I found were much smaller and I figured they would be more difficult to color and give detail to.   According to pictures I studied, the eagle actually should be much darker, but I did one darker and it hid all the stamp details.  I colored him with Copics on watercolor paper.  I think I will try another one with distressed inks and see how it comes out.

I'm going to a friend's Stampin' Up party today.  I think I will get some stamps that are just fun, silly images.  That should help brighten things up a bit!


Dawn B. said...

This is amazing. I love your clouds. Your husband is going to love this card...

Pretty Paper Junkie said...

This is truly awesome. You did those clouds? Looks like your Mojo is just fine.
I was told never to use Copics on watercolor paper, as it uses all the ink.

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