Blue Eyes



This is my latest "try to maintain my sanity" picture.  It's been quite rough having two boys for nine hours a day.  I'm getting way too old.  I am used to peace and quiet.  Only six more weeks to go!  I try to get in a few minutes every couple days to do something I enjoy.



I am doing this picture available from the ArtByteShop on Etsy.  I fell in love with the eyes.  I'm coloring her with a mix of pencils.  The background is done with pastel pencils.  I have not been able to master them yet by any means.

Hopefully, I will have her done by the end of June. 


  1. Stunning! Your "sanity" picture is so beautiful Diane. Love your coloring with the pencils. Just simply gorgeous in every way. Hang in there with the boys - fun but challenging too I'm sure.

  2. Absolutely stunning sanity picture-the image is gorgeous and your colouring is amazing.Hopefully 6 weeeks will pass quickly for you.
    Carol x

  3. Hold on to that sanity, girlfriend! Those eyes on here, you've nailed them perfectly. Keep up the good work, hope you are finally feeling better from that new therapy. xoxo

  4. WOW..this is a stunner. I can see why you loved the eyes and you've coloured them beautifully. Hang in there. xx

  5. This is already amazing! I hope that all has been well since you posted this and you've been able to make lots of memories with your grandsons. Hugs! --Becca


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