Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Girl with Hummingbird (or narwhal, depending on opinion)


This is another image by Emanuelle Colin.  I am trying to slowly work my way through the five coloring books I bought.  This image was colored with Copic markers and Polychromos pencils.  That seems to be the combo I use the most.  I really love the colors available with Prismacolor, but they just cannot hold a point well.  When I do manage to get them sharp enough they break within the first few seconds of using them.  I am still having difficulty photographing.  I told my husband he needs to take over the photography job.  I just need to teach him what I want.  I always ask him to critique my art.  I know he will tell me the truth no matter what.  On this picture he said he has never seen a bird that color before.  I told him it was artistic license.  Other than that he liked it.  I had to laugh.  My first thought when I saw the bird was that it looked like a narwhal.  Apparently, I was not the only one.  My eight year old grandson asked me why she had a narwhal in her hair!  Great minds think alike.


crafty-stamper said...

Gorgeous image and your colouring absolutely amazes me
Carol x

Leslie said...

Another super amazing coloring project! Love it!

Christine Alexander said...

gorgeous image and colouring, I see what you mean narwhal or humming bird so cool ♥

Pat K said...

Absolutely gorgeous. xx

Aimeslee Winans said...

As I said on Facebook, it's perfect! You should really get these framed! XOX

Elena C said...

Hi Dianne. You did an awesome job coloring this girl's hair. WOW!!! I am writing because you left a comment on Aimeslee's blog about needing watercolor. You probably already know, but I wanted to make sure you know that you can use any of the Distress Inks as watercolor. Any other inks that are water soluble will work too but I love Distress Inks because they are the best for a lot of stuff. You are an excellent colorist and I'm sure you probably know this. Anyway I just wanted to reach out to you so that you don't wait with baited breath for those watercolors.
Elena @

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