I May Be Back In Business Soon

Tom is healthy finally and I am off work for the summer.  I have not even thought of making a card in months, but need to get moving on Christmas cards soon.   We just went out today and bought the materials to design a new craft area for me so I can have my dining room table back.  I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time.  We're turning our living room into my craft/computer/exercise room.  Now that all the kids are grown and gone we don't really need a family room and a living room.  It should be an interesting project.  I'll be by to see everyone's sites soon.  Miss all my card making friends.


  1. I am SO glad you are back! And that your hubby is well again!! That had to be the best Father's Day present you could both have. I've missed all your wonderful cards so it will be great to see what you are doing again. The new craft room sounds like a wonderful idea & should really get your creative juices going! Welcome back!

  2. glad things are improving for you Diane and it'll be great to see you back in Blogland!
    Kim x

  3. Diane
    It was good to see your "news" letter and I hope all is going well for your hubby. I look forward to your cards, they are always beautiful and inspiring to me!! I know you will be ready to go once you have a great place to create! So - Good luck with the new crafting area. Hugs

  4. So happy to hear your hubby is well! And what an exciting project to turn your livingroom into a craft room, etc. ~ I envy you! Since I moved to Phx. to take care of my Dad I sleep in my craft room, lol! It is not really a bedroom any more!!! Hope to see you on here again soon, I miss your creations! Big hugs, Joanne.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you back and so glad your hubby is feeling better.

    Joan x


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