Monday, December 12, 2011

Copic Marker Scrapbooking - New Release

 Here are two of the new Christmas releases from Copic Marker Scrapbooking  .  To see all the images done by the design team, click here.  There is also a great Santa freebie.

I colored these both with Copic markers, of course.  Papers are from my stash.  the gorgeous ribbons above are from the Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.

I cheated a little on the snowman card.  I realized after I mailed the card that I forgot to color in the leaves on his hat.  I didn't have the card to fix before I posted so I colored it in with my photo program.  It worked pretty well.  Oh well, someone out there has my card without them colored.  They probably won't even notice.  I didn't until I saw it online.


Sherri said...

These are both adorable. I think I love the snowman most as I have a soft spot for snowmen! And the sentiment is so cute! I had to laugh that you forgot to color something. With me, it's usually ears!

Pretty Paper Junkie said...

It seems I always find some that didn't get colored after I've taken the photo. Grrr! Your really didn't need to tell on yourself. Both are beautiful. Sherri loves the snowman best of course. And I tend to favor the candles. I really like how you placed the sentiment.

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